Work in progress…

Over the course of the last 5 years I’ve amassed a number of part finished models, some of which are not quite ready for their own page on here just yet. Some have proved to be difficult and tedious, others need more source material to complete.

Here’s a few I’m still working on that may be finished eventually..

Municipal Buildngs

Church Street Elevation

This building is one I’ve wanted to model for a long time, one of the most iconic and missed buildings of old Aberavon. Frustratingly my search for floor layouts hasn’t turned up anything yet, possibly lost among many building moves and reorganisations of Local Government since.

This model has been started by eye, using a few dimensions from a newspaper article, some maps and many many photographs of the building. There are lots of angles and stone detailing at play and plenty of trial and error in getting the scale correct. Once a few more initial hurdles are out of the way this one should move along.

I currently have a partially estimated floor layout too based on a handful of known, photographed rooms, council chamber, courtroom, mayor’s parlour, hallways/staircases. Locations of windows/doors in photographs and estimated room dimensions have given me some good clues.

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  1. Well done sir.

    I enjoyed looking at these models which brought back many memories of visiting and staying with various aunts, uncles and cousins in Port Talbot as a child and teenager in the 1950s and 1960s. One uncle and aunt ran a pub in central Port Talbot but I cannot at the moment remember the name.


    Robert DODD Nottinghamshire

  2. Its a mystery what happened to the old town clock and the time tablet which was buried when the original building was constructed. This town was crucified needlessly for the motorway

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